Union County Elected Officials


Assessor of Property
(4 year term exp. 2016)
Donna B. Jones

County Clerk
(4 year term exp. 2014)
Pamela G. Ailor

Circuit / Sessions Court Clerk
(4 year term exp. 2014)
Barbara J. Williams

General Sessions Judge
(8 year term exp. 2014)
Darryl Edmondson

Highway Superintendent
(4 year term exp. 2016)
David Cox

(4 year term exp. 2014)
Micheal Williams

Register of Deeds
(4 year term exp. 2014)
Mary Beth Kitts

(4 year term exp. 2014)
William Earl Loy, Jr.

(4 year term exp. 2014)
Gina Buckner

District  Constables
4 year terms exp. 2014 

Lynn "Storm" Carpenter 
District 1

DeWayne Lawson
District 2

Jerry W. Beeler
District 3

Randy Flatford
District 4

District 5

Jeff Hankins
District 6

Johnny “Chad” Faulkner
District 7

District Road Commissioners
4 year terms exp. 2014

Allen Collins (Resigned 3/13/13)
Paul Hill appointed 4/8/13

1st District

Darrel G. Dyer
2nd District

Troy J. Muncey
3rd District

James E. Breeding
4th District

Harold Brantley
5th District

Chester Sturgeon
6th District

James D. DeVault, Sr.
7th District


Union County Commissioners

District One:
Janet Holloway
Stanley Boles
Gary England

District Two:
Sheila G. Buckner
Dean Hill
Brenda Jessee

District Three:
J. M. Bailey
Bill Cox

District Four:
Dawn Flatford
Doyle Welch

District Five:
Jeffrey D. Brantley
Chris Upton

District Six:
Jonathan Goforth
R.L. Jones
Mike Sexton

District Seven:
Joyce Meltabarger
Wayne G. Roach

City of

City Council Members
(4 year terms)

Sidney Allen Jessee Jr.(Resigned)
Lloyd Railey appointed
Exp. 2015

Jack H. Dyer (Deceased)
Barry Corum appointed 8-20-2012

Exp. 2015

David Williams
Exp. 2017

Brad Griffey
Exp. 2017

Jody Glenn Smith
Exp. 2015

2 year term exp. 2015
Johnny Merritt


School Board Members
(4 year terms)   

Marty Gibbs
1st Dist. exp. 2016

Brad Griffey
2nd Dist. exp. 2016

Billy R. Sexton
3rd Dist. exp. 2014

David Coppock
4th Dist. exp. 2016

Danny Wayne Collins
5th Dist. exp. 2014

Brian Oaks
6th Dist. exp. 2016

Gerald Smith
7th Dist. exp. 2014

 City of
Elections are held the 4th Tuesday in June (even numbered years)

Council Members
(4 year terms)

Lawrence "Boo" Thomas
Exp. 2016

Len Padgett
Exp. 2016

Jeff Chesney
Exp. 2014

Herbert E. “Smiley” Richardson
Exp. 2014

Timothy J. Young, Sr.
Exp. 2016

City Of
Elections are held on the 1st Thursday in September
(even numbered years)

4 year terms

Josh Collins
Exp. 2018

Dan Collins
Exp. 2014

Stacey Sexton
Exp. 2014

Richard D. Phillips
Exp. 2018

4 year term
Gary Chandler
lected 2010-Exp. 2014

The terms for Josh Collins and Richard Phillips elected in 2012 were extended by ordinance in order to align the Plainview Election with the Maynardville City Election.

Union County Federal and State Representation

US Senate
term exp. 2014
Lamar Alexander (R)
term exp. 2016

Bob Corker (R)

US House of Representatives
3rd Congressional District
term exp. 2014
Chuck Fleischmann (R)

State Senate
term exp. 2016
Frank Niceley (R)

State Representatives
terms exp. 2014
35th District
Dennis "Coach" Roach
36th District
Dennis Powers (R)